Small Things that Made Me Smile

I’m fresh out of adventures to share today. Some year at this time I’ll write about the US Open, but I’d like to go again before I do since mostly what I can tell you about the time I went a few years ago is that my friend and I watched nine hours of tennis and all of it was awesome. When I get to go again, I’ll come up with something more interesting to say.

In the meantime, I’m going to steal a post idea from one of my favorite blogs. Erin over at Reading my Tea Leaves does a “My Week in Objects” series, which is always fun. Riffing on that, I’m giving you “Five Things that Made Me Smile This Week”. If this becomes a regular thing, it will need a less clunky title – suggestions are welcome.

1. I made too much pasta for dinner last night, but I hadn’t had this spiraly kind before and it was delicious and filling. I also love this yellow bowl.

2. When I went to my friend’s birthday party a week and a half ago, she told us each to take home one of these tiny plants her neighbor had given her. I haven’t killed mine yet! It needs a more permanent spot eventually because it can’t live on the radiator come winter, but right now it gets a decent amount of light there. I have no idea what it is.


3. Earlier this summer I fed my friend’s fish while she was off being a Harry Potter nerd at Leaky Con. She brought me back the best thank you note I have ever received, currently living next to my TV in a place of honor. If someone wants to send me a note in a red envelope, I will totally swap it in and pretend I received a Howler.


4. Long before that tiny plant came along, I gave my apartment some greenery with these paper flowers I made from a kit last summer. They don’t require any watering and they’ve made me happy for over a year now.


5. The sky outside my window last night was stunning. I fixed the contrast on the other photos to make them a little nicer, but this one is all Mother Nature.


What about you guys? Anything catch your eye this week?


  1. That is one cool thank you note :)

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