I spent a few hours this weekend outside. I know, I should’ve spent the WHOLE weekend outside, but I got a little caught up in migrating this blog over and, well, time got away from me. It was gorgeous out, and I think (knock wood!) that the spring weather is finally here to stay. I was optimistic enough to buy sunscreen when I was in Rite Aid the other day!

I’ve been trying to take my new (to me) DSLR camera out with me when I have time to ramble around. I still have a ton to learn! I’m really excited to be taking a beginner’s photography class next month so that I can actually learn about aperture and f-stops and exposure – all things I probably learned in my high school photography class, with regular SLR cameras and film, but which I’ve forgotten over the last decade.

In any case, toting a giant camera around has made me realize how much I miss when I’m walking to get somewhere, or using a walk as time to talk to someone on the phone. On my rambles I noticed neat nooks or bits of architecture, or interesting views, many of which I’d never paid attention to before.

My aperture wasn’t quite right when I took the photo at the top, so I had to fiddle with it a little to get it close to how it looked, but how neat are these houses? I saw them last weekend and tried to find them again but must have missed them by a couple blocks. Once I’m better with my camera settings, I’ll hunt them down for another shot.

DSC_0044 (2)

Last weekend’s walk was on Easter Sunday, so I kept coming across Easter decorations. My favorite Easter moment, though, was one I didn’t catch on camera: Parents and a toddler doing a little egg hunt in Prospect Park!

DSC_0087 (3)

This tree was just starting to bloom — I’ll have to go back in a week or so and see how it’s doing! Anyone know what kind of tree it might be? The blossoms were white. I saw some magnolia trees budding — those are my favorite! We had a big beautiful one in our backyard when I was a kid and I still miss it.

DSC_0079 (3)

I spotted this lion head next to a gate and couldn’t resist taking a picture!

DSC_0089 (3)

I loved this bench, with the chalk drawing kids had done above it. Next to it, outside of the photo I took, they’d written something along the lines of “Kids garden!’ with their names, and then “No cats!” Guess who was hanging out one door over?

DSC_0092 (3)


I got a few other good shots, and I know once I take that class I’ll have even nicer photos to share. When I’m more skilled — and maybe have splurged on another lens — I’m going to have to try to take this next photo again. It’s a view I’ve noticed before and always meant to get a picture of. It’s much more impressive in person — our eyes must have better zoom — when the fact that that’s the Statue of Liberty in the distance is quite clear, even without me telling you. But still, it’s a neat shot.

DSC_0054 (2)

Is it spring where you are? Have you taken advantage of it yet? What have you noticed while you’re reveling in the nice weather that you hadn’t before?