One of my favorite things about NYC: how you can be wandering the streets and come upon something neat. A few weeks ago I was walking to the subway after my visit to the Morgan Library and I spotted this stretch of food stalls at Broadway and 33rd Street. It was a little wet outside because it had been raining, but there were still people enjoying the delicious things on sale at the various stalls.

There are so many people and organizations in New York and it means that every single day there are thousands of awesome things happening all over the city. It can lead to FOMO (one of the most annoying acronyms ever even if “fear of missing out” is something most of us have experienced) but it also means that on any given day, if you want to see or hear or eat or just be somewhere interesting, you can. And sometimes you’ll even end up there accidentally.

I spotted the food stalls, snapped a few shots, uploaded the photos to my computer, and then forgot to write about it, until now. I did a little Google research and found out that this market, which is called Broadway Bites, is presented by Urbanspace. It’s only open for one more week, through November 13, so if you’re near Broadway and 33rd Street in the next few days, stop by and pick up something to eat. It’s open daily from 11 AM until 9 PM.


I had grand plans to wander more on the weekends this fall and take photos of pretty leaves and parts of NYC I’ve never seen before. There are still fall weekends left but somehow it’s already November! I need to get out there soon, before it’s time to start writing about the holidays…

Have you happened upon any interesting spots, here in NYC or elsewhere, recently?