Hey! Welcome to my About Noted in NYC page! It’s a work in progress so if there’s something you’d like to know, just ask!

Who are you?

My name’s Sarah Evans and I’ve been blogging since fall of 2013. I’m a Western New York native who has been in Brooklyn since 2010. I started blogging as a way to remind myself to take better advantage of all the awesome things there are to do  here in NYC. It’s easier to feel like you’re doing that when you have a handy record of all the cool things you’ve done!

What is Noted in NYC? 

If you live here in NYC, it’s a blog with lots of suggestions of things to do here — many of them free, or fairly inexpensive. I try to write about lots of things that can be enjoyed year-round or annually, because sometimes it’s hard to catch that thing that’s this weekend only when you have about ten other things you have to do on Saturday.

If you live somewhere else, this blog is your chance to live vicariously! Ever wonder what you’d get up to if you lived in NYC? Find out here! From subway rides to Broadway shows, I write about it all, and try to give you a sense of what it’d be like if you were here. And if you’re planning a trip, this is a great place to start for ideas, from tried and true outings like the Empire State Building to more offbeat ones, like the Elizabeth Street Garden.



My writing for The Toast can be found here!


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