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Watching the NYC marathon

First posted November 2, 2013. Updated with photos and links. 

If you live in NYC, you are almost definitely aware that the marathon is tomorrow. If you’re like me, you know at least two people personally who are running. Wikipedia tells me that the first NYC marathon was held in 1970 and has been run every year since, except for 2012, when the aftermath of superstorm Sandy led to its cancellation. My dad ran the marathon when I was a kid, long ago enough that I mostly just remember how tired he looked when we met him in Central Park at the end.

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October scary stories and Frankenstein

October is the time for scary stories. Halloween has a lot to do with it, all the way back to its roots in the celebration of Samhain by the Celts. But even without the spirits and specters associated with October 31, October would feel like a time for scary stories, at least here in the northeast.

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The rain has started in the city

I’ve been back from Italy for ten days – just about how long I was gone – and fall has officially, well, fallen. In Rome, it got to be 90 degrees. Even in Venice I was fine at night with a sweater. But in the last two days in New York, as rain has poured from the sky and into my leaky boots, I’ve started layering under my rain jacket and wondering when I should pull out my woolen winter coat. I still need to get my AC out of the window so the draft (and noise) stops seeping into my apartment.

Right now I’m sitting on the couch writing this wrapped in a blanket. My heat is on, but it’s still chilly.

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On the train home

First posted on October 15, 2013.

It’s not quite 8 A.M. on a Saturday and I’m on a train headed north along the Hudson River. I’m on the wrong side of the train for the best view, but I can look out the window between the spaciously-set seats.

The trees have just barely begun to turn; scattered among the green are tiny shocks of red or dusty yellow. But mostly the leaves are green, enough that if I weren’t looking for fall foliage I might not notice the hints of color. They’re most noticeable where the sunlight hits. The sky is turning bright blue behind white cotton wisps of clouds in the east, but in the west over the river it’s a muted blue against gray clouds that stretch along the horizon.

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The Marble Cemetery, Open House New York, and chocolate

First posted on October 11, 2013. Updated with this year’s dates.

On a Sunday in October a few years ago, I met a friend in SoHo to go to mass the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral. It’s a beautiful church and was the first cathedral church in the Catholic Diocese of New York. It was a gorgeous fall day and we’d heard there was some chocolate festival going on (read: free samples at all the local chocolate shops) so we decided to wander the neighborhood and check out a few.

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NYC Day Trips: New Haven, CT and Yale University

Okay, this is, I admit, a lazy post. I haven’t had a ton of time to explore in the last few weeks (though I have a fun, full weekend ahead that should merit a couple of posts!) and so this topic comes to you courtesy of “photos I’ve taken in the last year and not already used for a post”. These were taken in November 2013.

My illustrious alma mater, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is gorgeous, especially in the fall. There are a lot of good reasons to go to Yale, but its loveliness definitely doesn’t hurt. When I was applying for college I was at first attracted to enclosed campuses where there weren’t a lot of cars (and took one look at NYU and said, “Nope.”), but after a second visit to Yale I really fell in love with its mixture of serene courtyards and somewhat busy streets. It was a taste of city living but in a very structured environment.

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