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Lazy writing, or, forgetting the details

Sometimes I write these posts in a bit of a hurry. Life is busy, time gets away from me, and it’s the night I’m supposed to post and I have nothing written yet. When I first started the blog (almost a year ago!), I had a few entries in the bank, which was an excellent plan. I also had a list of topics I might someday write about. The bank is now empty, and while there are a few items still on the list, mostly I come up with new topics on the spot. Often, now, they’re timely: I write about something I just did or just heard about.


But when rushing to get something written, sometimes I summarize instead of really taking time to show what an experience was like. So, without further ado, five details that got left out of recent blog posts!

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View from the top: the Empire State Building

Last Friday night I had a true NYC tourist outing – I went to the top of the Empire State Building with my uncle and cousin. They were in town doing the college visit thing and I got to meet up with them a couple different times and show them around New York a little bit. It was a blast – I hope they come back soon, even if my cousin doesn’t end up here for school!

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