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Brunch at Max Brenner

It’s a snowy day here in NYC — not as snowy as we’d expected, but snowy enough, and because mass transit was shut down last night and is only slowly getting back to normal, it’s a work at home day for most of us. So while we’re all hopefully cozy, let me share an experience I had this weekend that will make you hope you have hot cocoa in your cupboard.

It was Sunday morning and my friend and I were meeting in Union Square. We were headed to a matinee performance of “Into the Woods”, but first we needed brunch. We didn’t have a set place to meet, so when I texted her that I had just gotten off the subway, she texted back to say she was walking up from the Strand, and did I have any interest in brunch at Max Brenner, since it was right near Union Square.

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Sunday in Williamsburg and Greenpoint

At a party recently someone asked me if I lived in Brooklyn . When I said yes, he said, “Williamsburg?” and I scoffed, then felt bad. He lived in Williamsburg. Oops.

I haven’t spent much time in Williamsburg. Some of my reasons have to do with the fact that I’m not a hipster, but more of myreasons have to do with the fact that it feels very far away from everywhere I’ve lived in Brooklyn, and getting there involves the G train. Since I lived on the G train exclusively for two years when I first moved to NYC, I have a higher tolerance for it than most people – yes, it doesn’t come often, but it reliably doesn’t come often – but I still avoid it when I can.

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Finding the perfect cupcake

Cupcakes are serious business in NYC, and finding the perfect cupcake is a delicious mission. They are a Special Treat of choice, for any and all occasions, and it’s easy to see why. They’re sized perfectly for individuals – no worries about having to share, or not being able to finish, or not getting quite enough.

Well, unless you get cupcakes from Baked by Melissa, because as delicious as those cupcakes are, they are literally one bite each. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, one of those cupcakes might be enough to satisfy you, but if you’re me, it takes at least three.

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Where to find cheese, or, blogging while eating

Much like my pizza post from a few weeks ago, this blog comes sponsored by Sarah is Hungry (and has done nothing post-worthy this week), though this time I am actually at my kitchen table snacking on apples and cheese while typing this. Oh, more apple left? Guess I’ll have to eat some more cheese with it…

I am a person of fairly simple (read: picky) tastes, but I’ve always been a fan of one kind of cheese or another. In elementary school and middle school, mozzarella was my favorite. Swiss and Lorraine (like Swiss, only more delicate and stinkier) came into play later on, and cheddar was just… there. I can’t remember when I started liking it, but I do know that soon after moving to New York, I developed an addiction.

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Warm up with the hot chocolate festival at City Bakery

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. If you like hot chocolate, you should go to City Bakery this month. It’s located at 3 West 18thStreet in Manhattan, and right now they’re in the midst of their annual hot chocolate festival. Each day in the month of February they offer a different flavor of hot chocolate, from banana peel hot chocolate to cinnamon rum hot chocolate to something called Ode to the Polar Bear hot chocolate.
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Spotlight on Clinton Hill and Fort Greene

For my first few years in NYC, I lived in a big, poorly maintained apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, with friends. I’ll save our horror stories for when I get around to writing about the hellish process that is apartment hunting, but the neighborhood (and the cheap rent) almost made up for the apartment’s deficiencies.
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