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Live music in NYC

I had an insane social schedule last week – six evening commitments in seven days – but the week wound down with two nights of live music, which were both lovely. The first was another show in Jason Robert Brown’s residency at Subculture, this time featuring Shoshana Bean, Chris Jackson, and Morgan Karr. The second was a small informal piano concert in my friend’s apartment building with performances by a number of friends. And then this week I attended my choir’s cabaret (which I sang in last spring) to cheer on my choir buddies.

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Jason Robert Brown at SubCulture with Norbert Leo Butz

I owe a lot to my friends. Not only are they smart, thoughtful, friendly, creative, and supportive, they also tell me when there are cool things going on that I should check out. Despite living on the opposite side of the country, one friend of mine manages to get the scoop on theater events here in NYC before I do sometimes.

Months ago she told me that Jason Robert Brown, who we both love for his show “The Last Five Years” (now a movie!), is doing a yearlong residency at SubCulture on Bleecker Street. When I found out that his January 26 show was going to feature Norbert Leo Butz, I knew I had to go. I’ve loved Norbert Leo Butz since high school, when I knew him only as “Fiyero sexy voice” on the “Wicked” soundtrack. I fell further in love when I listened to the original Off-Broadway cast recording of “The Last Five Years”, for which he originated Jamie. I saw him in “Big Fish” on Broadway (an interesting show, but not memorable, except for him), but was thrilled to get a chance to see him in a small setting.

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“The Last Five Years” movie

I think I’ve more than established my love of musical theater on this blog by now, so it will surprise no one when I say that I watched the new “The Last Five Years” movie, starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan, on its opening night last Friday. My friend and I did not go to see it in the theater as planned (Village East Cinema is the only place in NYC showing it this week) because the showing we wanted to see sold out before I managed to buy a ticket. It was a bummer as Jason Robert Brown, the composer, was doing a Q&A, but it may have worked out for the best that we ended it up buying it on iTunes and watching it at my friend’s apartment.

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