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Gotham Writers Workshop Open House

It’s been quiet on this blog for longer than I expected. Who knew changing jobs could keep a person so busy! My joke this year was that I could do one fun thing and write about it, or do two fun things and not write about either.

You can see which I picked.

But is a brand new year! And after the rollercoaster of 2016 it’s nice to come back to writing. Thanks for being here! (Shoutout to Victoria: Your requested blogpost about the Corning Museum of Glass is coming, but here’s something else to tide you over.)

I’ve been meaning to write for ages, but last week I got an invitation that felt fortuitous, the New Year’s writing kick-in-the-pants I needed: Gotham Writers Workshop emailed to tell me about their Open House classes. I believe they hold them periodically, so consider getting on their mailing list so you hear about the next one, or just check out their free events page!

On Wednesday and Thursday last week GWW offered interested writers the chance to sit in on two hour-long trial classes of their choice. I went on Thursday — my first time ever at a Gotham event — and was impressed by how many people were there. As far as I could tell almost every seat was filled in each class, and in the two I chose, everyone was very interested and focused.

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How to spend an hour

Yesterday I had some time to kill in midtown. I’d rushed up to go to a doctor’s appointment (I am finally ear infection-free!) and had a little over an hour before I was meeting my friend for dinner. Sometimes when I have time and don’t know what to do with myself, I wander, especially if it means I can chat with my mom on the phone, or catch up with a friend.

But yesterday I had a book I was knee-deep in and loving (this one, in case you’re curious) and so I needed to find a spot to read. There are a few outdoor public spaces with benches in that part of town, but it wasn’t quite warm enough. Also, I wanted hot chocolate. I peeked into the café at Barnes and Noble, but didn’t see a free table, so I went into the atrium of the building B&N is in and headed for a café.

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