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We Used to be Friends: The Veronica Mars movie

I was trying to decide what to write about and I looked back on Facebook to see what I was posting about at this time last year in case it could offer any inspiration. Guess what I was talking about. The Veronica Mars Kickstarter!

I got into the show after it’d already been canceled, so I was able to watch is more or less all in one go. Quirky mystery shows are one of my weaknesses (from Joan of Arcadiaand Pushing Daisies to current day Castle, Sherlock, and even Once Upon a Time, which has some mystery elements), so of course I was going to donate to the Kickstarter!

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Movies for a happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day week, and I have no real advice for you on how to find love. But I do have two movie suggestions that are solid suggestions regardless of whether you’re making plans with a significant other, friends, or going solo.

The first one is to go see the Oscar Nominated Shorts. Choose between the animated ones, the live action ones, and the documentary shorts – all will be fascinating. Added bonus: This will allow you to have scene EVERY film in an Oscar category, while paying for the price of a single ticket. As someone who has seen exactly two nominated films this year (Gravity and Frozen), this seems like a good deal. In NYC, the IFC Center, Nitehawk Cinema, and BAM Rose Cinemaare all showing the shorts. Once I went to see “Stars in Shorts” at the IFC Center and Jennifer Morrison, who was in one of the shorts, showed up with her director to do a Q&A afterward.

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Prospect Park in autumn

I feel like I’ve walked into that iconic image from “When Harry Met Sally”.* Okay, so it’s Prospect Park, not Central Park, and I’m by myself and not hanging out with a young Billy Crystal, but fall has come to New York City and it’s glorious.

It doesn’t hurt that the temperature is around sixty-five degrees.

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