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Live music in NYC

I had an insane social schedule last week – six evening commitments in seven days – but the week wound down with two nights of live music, which were both lovely. The first was another show in Jason Robert Brown’s residency at Subculture, this time featuring Shoshana Bean, Chris Jackson, and Morgan Karr. The second was a small informal piano concert in my friend’s apartment building with performances by a number of friends. And then this week I attended my choir’s cabaret (which I sang in last spring) to cheer on my choir buddies.

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Jason Robert Brown at SubCulture with Norbert Leo Butz

I owe a lot to my friends. Not only are they smart, thoughtful, friendly, creative, and supportive, they also tell me when there are cool things going on that I should check out. Despite living on the opposite side of the country, one friend of mine manages to get the scoop on theater events here in NYC before I do sometimes.

Months ago she told me that Jason Robert Brown, who we both love for his show “The Last Five Years” (now a movie!), is doing a yearlong residency at SubCulture on Bleecker Street. When I found out that his January 26 show was going to feature Norbert Leo Butz, I knew I had to go. I’ve loved Norbert Leo Butz since high school, when I knew him only as “Fiyero sexy voice” on the “Wicked” soundtrack. I fell further in love when I listened to the original Off-Broadway cast recording of “The Last Five Years”, for which he originated Jamie. I saw him in “Big Fish” on Broadway (an interesting show, but not memorable, except for him), but was thrilled to get a chance to see him in a small setting.

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Hedwig and the Angry Inch — Winning the Hedwig lottery

It’s official. I have the theater bug, and I’m not getting better anytime soon. The week I saw Hamilton, I saw FOUR SHOWS, three of them in four days. For a variety of reasons the tickets (besides Hamilton) were very reasonable, but still. Four shows.

I’ll get around to talking about all of them in due course, but first I have to tell you about a very special outing to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I’ve been hearing about Hedwig since it opened, and while it sounded interesting, it had never made it to the top of my list. But it’s a favorite of my Cabaret-loving friend, and when she suggested we try for the Hedwig lottery together on a Saturday night, I was all in.

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A City Singing at Christmas concert at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

First posted on December 13, 2013. Updated with new details.

To continue on the Christmas tradition theme, I have to tell you about a concert that’s happening this Thursday, December 18. It’s the 35th annual A City Singing at Christmas concert at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and this year it features the St Patrick’s Cathedral  Choir, the Young People’s Chorus of New York, and the choir I sing with, the New York City Master Chorale. This is the second year since I joined the choir that we’ve been invited to sing at this concert, and I am hugely excited.

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UpOut and Jenny Scheinman at Le Poisson Rouge

I gave in and clicked on a Facebook ad recently. It was totally in service of this blog, and of having fun and offbeat things to do in the city, because it was an ad for a service called UpOut. At its most basic, UpOut seems to be a list of activities in the city, but it also boasts an Insiders Club subscription service. For $20 a month, you receive a list of events in the city and choose one which you’d like to attend with a guest. If you don’t (or can’t) pick one that month, you’ll instead receive a pair of movie tickets in the mail.
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A night at the cabaret

No, not that Cabaret, though I hope to go see it sometime this fall. This was at The Duplex, a cabaret and piano bar in the West Village, and last night I sang on its stage.

Let me back up. I’ve mentioned before that I sing in a choir here in New York called the New York City Master Chorale. As a fundraiser, the choir decided to host a cabaret show, with a lineup of singers from the choir singing solos, and sell tickets to our friends and family. Back in February we had the first round of auditions, and despite the fact that my solo singing has been limited since I left high school eight years ago, I decided to try out. And I got cast!

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