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NYC marathon – Sunday, November 1, 2015

I took a break from writing last week because I was dealing with a nasty cold. It isn’t quite gone yet, but it’s on the way out, thank goodness — I can’t be sick next weekend. Why? Well, it’s Halloween, and I have plans to bake a lot of delicious things, but you don’t have to be in NYC to enjoy Halloween.

You do have to be in NYC, though, to enjoy the NYC marathon, which is happening next Sunday! I’ve made it a point to go out and cheer on the runners every year that the marathon has been run since I moved to NYC, and I plan to be out there this year, too!

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Watching the NYC marathon

First posted November 2, 2013. Updated with photos and links. 

If you live in NYC, you are almost definitely aware that the marathon is tomorrow. If you’re like me, you know at least two people personally who are running. Wikipedia tells me that the first NYC marathon was held in 1970 and has been run every year since, except for 2012, when the aftermath of superstorm Sandy led to its cancellation. My dad ran the marathon when I was a kid, long ago enough that I mostly just remember how tired he looked when we met him in Central Park at the end.

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The rain has started in the city

I’ve been back from Italy for ten days – just about how long I was gone – and fall has officially, well, fallen. In Rome, it got to be 90 degrees. Even in Venice I was fine at night with a sweater. But in the last two days in New York, as rain has poured from the sky and into my leaky boots, I’ve started layering under my rain jacket and wondering when I should pull out my woolen winter coat. I still need to get my AC out of the window so the draft (and noise) stops seeping into my apartment.

Right now I’m sitting on the couch writing this wrapped in a blanket. My heat is on, but it’s still chilly.

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