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Life in the city

I’ve discovered that carrying a camera around can be addictive. I took this photo on Friday night while walking from dinner to a show with my friend, and I definitely stopped and started taking the shot and fiddling with my camera and had to apologize for not paying attention to either the story she was telling or where we were walking. (I did apologize, right? Sorry!) But as I’ve said before, now that I’m training myself to look for interesting shots, I’m noticing them — and if my camera is out already, well, I have to stop and take a picture.

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Bits of Brooklyn

I’m taking a photography class (and loving it so far!) to learn how to use my DSLR. For a recent assignment we were supposed to take still life images in black and white, so on a cloudy afternoon I took my camera and went on a walk. My part of Brooklyn is perfect for this kind of thing – in Park Slope, as I’m sure I’ve said before, people leave free stuff out on the sidewalks all time, and there are all kinds of interesting architectural details on buildings and gates.

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