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Hints of Rome

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m having a hard time believing it was just two months ago that I was in Italy, where fall weather meant lows of 65 in Venice and highs around 90 in Rome. It’s been cold and wet in NYC, so to brighten your (and my!) week, here are a few images and stories from sunny Rome.

When I traveled to Italy in college, I made a quick visit to the Circus Maximus, now just a grassy field with runners and ball players and readers. From it, I could see the palace on Palatine Hill, and I was fascinated by the extensive ruins. On this recent trip, I took a quick walk around Palatine Hill, and this time I was fascinated by this view of the city, including the dome of St. Peter’s.

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Adventures in Italy

Last night I slept for twelve hours. It sounds like a lot, but it will sound like less when I tell you that earlier yesterday I spent almost nine hours on an airplane, on my way back from a trip to Italy with my mom. Between jetlag and just genuine exhaustion after about ten days of traveling, those twelve hours of sleep were well-earned. I worked from home today and am headed back to work tomorrow, hoping not too yawn my way through the rest of the week!

But enough about sleeping! ITALY! We’d been trying to plan a trip for years, but this summer my mom and I finally got serious and booked some flights and from there came up with an itinerary of hotels and trains and museums and churches.  I brushed up on my Italian and we flew off to the country all of my mother’s grandparents came from for ten days. I hope to write a few in-depth looks at each of the places we visited (Rome, Assisi, Florence, Lucca for an afternoon, and Venice) but for now, some quick highlights.

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