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Hanging out in the terminal

I’ve spent a lot of time this year in airports. By my reckoning I’ve already been to ten this year (with several visits to JFK and at least one to LGA) and will add two more by the end of the year. Airports can be hell, especially if you’re stuck in one. I had a year where every time I tried to fly out on a Friday, something went wrong, either an insanely long delay, or, once, a delay that turned into a cancellation. When you’re stuck watching the departure board, worried your flight will be delayed more, or you’re getting automated messages that tell you, don’t worry, you have plenty of time to use the bathroom, airports are pretty much the worst.

But having spent a lot of time in them this year, I have this to say: Under the right circumstances, they’re not so bad.

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Nine days on the road and the travel tips to prove it

Last week I was on vacation. Leading up to my trip, it had been a busy few weeks, at work and outside of work, so I’m pretty darned pleased that my trip went off without a hitch, unlike the Amtrak delay on my trip the weekend before.

From its start in Indiana at a family wedding to its finish in San Diego with my best friend (and some amazing times in Palo Alto and San Francisco in the middle), my vacation was a lot of fun. It was, I think, the longest trip (barring ones to see my family upstate) that I’ve taken since my UK travels in 2011. With two nights in each city and one night on a plane, I was never in one place for very long, which should have made the trip feel choppy and disjointed, right?

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Amtrak and the dubious nature of travel karma

My love affair with Amtrak may be over. After telling everyone I know how much I love train travel and having mostly painless trips myself (while friends and family have had delays, including one due to “an armed robbery ahead on the track” – not exactly a confidence booster), the travel karma gods have finally caught up with me. I made a quick visit home for Memorial Day weekend and my return train trip was delayed by nearly four hours.

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Have I mentioned that I love travel writing?

I’ve been thinking a lot about travel writing lately. Part of it is figuring out what kind of stuff to write about on this blog, part of it is that I have some travel coming up soon, and most of it is that I just love travel writing. My travel reading falls into four major categories: guide books for trips I’m going to take (mostly skimmed), books by Bill Bryson, books by Frances Mayes, and books about American women (usually in their twenties or thirties) moving to Paris.

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Out of the city and away to Charleston

This past weekend I escaped the cold and headed to Charleston, South Carolina. Sure, there were highs of 50 here in NYC, but in Charleston the temperature never dipped below 50, and most of the weekend it was in the 60s and even low 70s, so Charleston wins.

I was there for the wedding of a lovely college friend, and I’d been looking forward to this weekend ever since she sent the save the date email last spring. She’d invited a number of college buddies so the weekend was basically a mini reunion, and I loved every minute, especially all the ones where we were able to spend time with the bride. It was a beautiful set of wedding events and a perfect vacation weekend.

Reading about New York

Most of the nonfiction I read falls into the memoir category, with an emphasis on travel. But one of my favorites is Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, a book for book lovers. If you haven’t read it, buy it now. It’s short and you’ll read it so quickly you’ll wish it were longer. I’ve read it a couple times and love all of the essays, but one of my favorites is called “My Odd Shelf”.

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