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Love is Strange — Love, New York

I finally saw the movie I was an extra in, “Love is Strange”, this past weekend – and found out my scene was cut. I knew it was coming up when I saw Alfred Molina wearing some great red pants, and I knew it’d been cut when John Lithgow told his niece and nephew that his husband had gone to church that day while he had gone to the movies, because my scene took place outside a church. Oh well! I’ll have to buy the DVD and check out the deleted scenes.

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My big screen debut: “Love is Strange”

So I’m officially a movie star.

Okay, not really. But if you go to see “Love is Strange” at the Tribeca Film Festival in a week or so, or whenever it gets a wider release, you will see yours truly on the screen in this film about a gay couple getting married after decades together — and having their lives thrown into confusion because of it. The exact number of seconds of screen time I was granted is yet to be seen, but my guess is that it’s under sixty. This is almost definitely related to the fact that I was an extra.

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HIMYM and NYC life on TV

I was going to write a review of the “How I Met Your Mother” series finale, but watching it left me too frustrated to say anything thoughtful, so no discussion or spoilers to worry about here.

But thinking about the show, which I only got into by binge-watching in the spring of 2012 until I was caught up, made me think about how New York is portrayed on television and in movies. So much is filmed here, like bits of Spider-Man 2 in my old neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, or television shows like “Elementary”, or whatever show’s trailers I walked by in the West Village tonight. The city is showcased all over the place, though sometimes it is faked, like the movie Friends with Benefits spoofed in its movie-within-a-movie.

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