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Gotham Writers Workshop Open House

It’s been quiet on this blog for longer than I expected. Who knew changing jobs could keep a person so busy! My joke this year was that I could do one fun thing and write about it, or do two fun things and not write about either.

You can see which I picked.

But is a brand new year! And after the rollercoaster of 2016 it’s nice to come back to writing. Thanks for being here! (Shoutout to Victoria: Your requested blogpost about the Corning Museum of Glass is coming, but here’s something else to tide you over.)

I’ve been meaning to write for ages, but last week I got an invitation that felt fortuitous, the New Year’s writing kick-in-the-pants I needed: Gotham Writers Workshop emailed to tell me about their Open House classes. I believe they hold them periodically, so consider getting on their mailing list so you hear about the next one, or just check out their free events page!

On Wednesday and Thursday last week GWW offered interested writers the chance to sit in on two hour-long trial classes of their choice. I went on Thursday — my first time ever at a Gotham event — and was impressed by how many people were there. As far as I could tell almost every seat was filled in each class, and in the two I chose, everyone was very interested and focused.

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Blogiversary #2 – two years of blogging

This time of year is all about life anniversaries for me. I moved to New York five years ago and started my first job a few days later. Not quite two years later I changed jobs within my company, and about a year later – two years ago today – I started this blog.

TWO YEARS AGO. I remember thinking that summer, hey, I need to write more, I should start a blog. And I wrote some sample posts to get out ahead of myself – yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore – and then on September 7, 2013, I put up my first post. I was still figuring out what I wanted to do with my blog, what exactly I wanted to write about, but I knew I wanted to show you all a bit of what New York is to me. I’ve tried to both open a window on what life is like here, for those of you who are far away, and to make suggestions of things to do for those of you who are here, by sharing what I’ve enjoyed.

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Give me your laptop advice

I need a new laptop. I was going to start this post with a picture of my current laptop, and then I realized that I do have some shame and that you don’t all need to see actual photographic proof of the fact that my laptop screen is currently attached to the laptop body by packing tape. It’s been like this since yesterday, when I made a sudden movement (or, you know, let the screen tilt) and suddenly the screen frame cracked and I was looking at two pieces only held loosely together at one hinge.

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Quiet time, or taking a break

If you’ve noticed that things have been a little quiet around here this month, you’re not wrong! Between my college reunion at the end of May, a trip home, and a friend visiting, it’s been a busy month, and every time I think I’m caught up on life (and sleep!) it’s time for another fun but tiring something. That means that this week I’ve come straight home from work every single day and collapsed on the couch. The hot weather isn’t my favorite thing either, especially since I still need to put my AC in the window… But things are looking up, because I managed to drag myself to the gym once this week, which is more than I’ve done in a month!

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Washington Square Park

My very first post on this blog, back in September 2013, was about sitting in Washington Square Park. It’s such a New York place in my mind, a mix of locals and tourists, a gathering place, a people-watching spot.

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Reading about New York

First posted March 19, 2014.

Most of the nonfiction I read falls into the memoir category, with an emphasis on travel. But one of my favorites is Anne Fadiman’s Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader, a book for book lovers. If you haven’t read it, buy it now. It’s short and you’ll read it so quickly you’ll wish it were longer. I’ve read it a couple times and love all of the essays, but one of my favorites is called “My Odd Shelf”.

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