I have a LOT of blogs on my reader, but here are some about travel and NYC that I always look forward to reading!

Allora – life abroad – Adventures, pictures, and the routine discombobulation of an American in Italy.

Almost Free NYC – AlmostfreeNYC is a blog intended to introduce budget friendly events and activities to readers who want to enjoy the city without burning a hole in their pocket.

New York Cliche – A blog about trying to make it (and make out) in New York City.

Stories My Suitcase Could Tell – I’m a twenty-something journalist and blogger with a passion for travel, writing, politics, and a good cup of coffee with a slice of cake to accompany it.

Today’s the Day I – For every day in 2013, I did a new thing in New York City. Although I’d only planned to do the blog for a year, I quickly realized that doing 365 new things doesn’t even cover a fraction of what’s on offer.

Used York City – Welcome to Used York City, a little piece of the Internet that features the best of New York…as used by New Yorkers.