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A whirlwind July 4 weekend

Every time I have a visitor stay with me, I remind myself not to do TOO much. That just because they’re here for only a short time doesn’t mean we have to walk all over the city until our feet fall off. I told myself that again on Friday when I met my friend as she got off the train at Penn Station around 1 p.m. We knew that we wouldn’t want to come into Manhattan to do anything on the 4th itself so Friday afternoon and evening would be our time to wander.

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Crushing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade (or really, its view)

I have a crush on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and on the part of the Brooklyn Greenway that runs parallel to it. It has no idea I feel this way, because I visit so rarely, and haven’t told it about my growing affection, but since my last stop there I’ve resolved to spend more time enjoying the area.
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