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Hamilton the Musical review

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Everyone is talking about Hamilton the musical, a new show at the Public Theater, and they should be. Okay, “everyone” might be 1. all my friends who love theater as much as I do and 2. all the people I follow on Twitter, but it really is getting a ton of buzz, and it deserves it. I saw it on Sunday March 22, with my best friend, who was visiting from California. We bought the tickets way back in December, before the show was extended, because we knew that was the weekend she could come out to visit and we both wanted to see it. She’d been excited about it for ages, as had one of my friends here in NYC, since they’re both huge fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote and stars in Hamilton and is best known for In the Heights.

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Freestyle Love Supreme – hip hop improv

How to have an interesting night in the city? Have friends with good ideas. Last Friday night I went to see a show at Joe’s Pub with my friend and a friend of hers. It was at 11:30 at night. People who know me know that I am almost always asleep at 11:30 at night, and I like it that way. But it was my friend’s birthday week, and the show she suggested sounded intriguing, so I drank a couple of cups of cocoa and got ready for a fun night.

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