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NYC Day Trips: New Haven, CT and Yale University

Okay, this is, I admit, a lazy post. I haven’t had a ton of time to explore in the last few weeks (though I have a fun, full weekend ahead that should merit a couple of posts!) and so this topic comes to you courtesy of “photos I’ve taken in the last year and not already used for a post”. These were taken in November 2013.

My illustrious alma mater, located in New Haven, Connecticut, is gorgeous, especially in the fall. There are a lot of good reasons to go to Yale, but its loveliness definitely doesn’t hurt. When I was applying for college I was at first attracted to enclosed campuses where there weren’t a lot of cars (and took one look at NYU and said, “Nope.”), but after a second visit to Yale I really fell in love with its mixture of serene courtyards and somewhat busy streets. It was a taste of city living but in a very structured environment.

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In need of some pizza

You’re reading this post because at the time of writing I was (am!) desperately in need of a slice of pizza. (Note from future Sarah: I am now very happily full, with pizza.) My hunger is great because I had a lame lunch, but I met my writing buddy and so before heading out to get some pizza I thought I’d write a bit about pizza in NYC.

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Spotlight on Clinton Hill and Fort Greene

For my first few years in NYC, I lived in a big, poorly maintained apartment in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, with friends. I’ll save our horror stories for when I get around to writing about the hellish process that is apartment hunting, but the neighborhood (and the cheap rent) almost made up for the apartment’s deficiencies.
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