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In the limbo between winter and spring

Yesterday I bundled up like it was winter again. The temperature was in the upper thirties in the morning today as well — not terribly cold when you figure in all the weeks of temps in the twenties and even the teens, but I pulled on my gloves and covered my ears like there was a Polar Vortex, because I don’t do well when the weather changes quickly. A thirty-degree drop in temperature or a quick shift from dry weather to wet can bring on an attack of the sneezes. A quick Google search shows I’m not the onlyone to deal with this.

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How to find an apartment in NYC

It’s spring! The temperature is rising, the days are getting beautifully long, and pretty soon, people will be moving apartments.

Obviously people move year-round, but spring and summer seem to be especially popular times to hunt for a new apartment, probably since so many people move to New York each summer after they graduate from college. I found my current apartment around this time last year and while I plan to stay because I love my place, I thought I’d share some of the apartment-hunting advice I’ve come up with since moving here. Some of it is probably applicable for other cities, but from what I’ve heard about other cities, New York is an especially complicated place to find a place to live.

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A stroll around Green-Wood Cemetery

It’s going to be warm again this weekend! Okay, so it might rain on Saturday. And be in the forties on Sunday. And snow on Monday. Or at least this is what the weather report is telling me.

But it might not. It could be 54 degrees and sunny, or at least 54 degrees and not-raining-yet, and if that happens, we all need to get outside and breathe some fresh air.

And where better to do that than a cemetery?

Green-Wood Cemetery, located in Brooklyn southwestish of Prospect Park, below the neighborhood of Windsor Terrace, was begun in 1838 and is now a National Historic Landmark. Back in the 1850s it was popular tourist destination and today it has trolley tours and a variety of events. Last summer they hosted a production The Spoon River Project, moonlight walking tours, and happy hours. I didn’t make it to any of those events but I hope to this year. Because who doesn’t want to go to a happy hour in a cemetery?

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Six months and fifty posts

This is my fiftieth post on this blog! Since I started it on September 7, it’s been just about exactly six months of blogging regularly. In that time I have written about pretty much every interesting thing I have ever done in New York, so I guess it’s time to move on to something new.

Okay, not really. But I’ve written about a lot of things I’ve done, so clearly I need to go check out more places around the city. There are many, many museums I’ve yet to set foot in, neighborhoods I’ve never explored, and parks I’ve never gotten lost in. Thank goodness it’s almost springtime and I totally will want to spend time outside soon. There’s no way we’ll get more snow this month, right? Right?

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